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Our vision is to evolve the global fight for infection prevention and build a healthier world that shields against germs in all interactive environments across the globe, enabling the safe and secure operation of all communicable spaces.

We aim to be the global leader in innovation, manufacturing and supplying of health and sanitisation protection and the most effective first line of defence for humankind by killing germs inside you, on you and around you to enhance universal access to state-of-the-art health & hygiene technology for all.

Primel®’s innovation traces back over 30 years as pioneers of developing antimicrobial coatings in the medical device industry. Over the years, our in-depth knowledge and experience as global partners to leading manufacturers and product innovators has been utilised to develop a complete solution that could progress the standards of hygiene practices for all. When manufactured into our products, TridAnt® antimicrobial technology blocks, repels and kills an array of harmful microbes and pathogens, keeping essential personnel safer.

History of the Company

Thirty years ago, BioInteractions Founder Ajay Luthra had a dream to improve the effectiveness of biocompatible treatments to enhance patient therapies. He built BioInteractions to realise his vision to improve the application and lifetime of a wide range of medical devices including stents, valves and catheters, by creating state-of-the-art materials that have become a critical factor behind the success of many of today’s medical devices.


Biointeractions founded


Antimicrobial patent


The Queen’s Award for
Enterprise: Innovation


TridAnt® patent


Primel® Active Hand Coating


Clean Hospital Group Member

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