New Hope in Battle Against C. diff: New Surface “Active” Technology with Residual Efficacy Kills Spores in 30 Seconds

The 30-second sporicidal activity with 48h residual efficacy claim joins a long list of proven results, demonstrating Primel’s efficacy against a wide range of pathogens.

21 March 2024 – Primel, a leading provider of innovative infection prevention solutions, has published today the results of a new study proving its Active Hand Coating has achieved a high level of sporicidal activity (>4 log > 99.99 % efficacy). The test was performed with a short contact time of 30 seconds against Clostridium difficile (C. diff) under clean and dirty conditions. This pathogen costs the global healthcare system an estimated $1.7 billion annually, with a CAGR of 10.2%.

C. diff infections present a significant challenge to healthcare systems worldwide. Being one of the most common hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), C. diff imposes a substantial economic burden on the NHS due to factors such as prolonged hospitalization, treatment costs, and increased risk of complications. Advanced age, hospital stays, and in some cases, antibiotic resistant strains, are key risk factors that further contribute to the challenge of C. diff infections. This pathogen is often referred to as a super bug: a spore with a unique outer protein coat that resembles chain mail, rendering it highly resistant to existing antibiotics and immune defences, and therefore extremely difficult to kill.

Primel® Active Hand Coating is the first product of its kind that kills C. diff within 30-seconds, with the longest continuous residual activity. Sporicidal activity was determined using the European standard EN 17126; the test for determining activity of disinfectants against the spore-forming bacteria Clostridium difficile. Further validating that Primel® Active Hand Coating achieves the longest continuous residual activity against the broadest spectrum of pathogens including Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria, enveloped & non-enveloped viruses, yeast and spores. The advanced Protect on Touch technology minimises transmission of pathogens by disinfecting surfaces with the users touch whilst wearing the Active Hand Coating. The combination of these revolutionary features sets a new standard in infection prevention, by reducing transmission rates of pathogens, enhancing operational excellence and evolving staff and patient safety. Proven through a recent care home study, it revealed that Primel®’s Active Hand Coating demonstrated a remarkable 75% effectiveness immediately after application, surpassing generic hand sanitizers by 23%. Moreover, it sustained effectiveness of 70% after one hour showcasing a 45% improvement over generic alternatives, highlighting its superior performance over time against the current standard of care today.

“I’ve long recognized the urgent need for innovative solutions to combat hospital-acquired infections,” said Prof. Mark Wilcox. “Such infections represent a clear drain on already stretched resources and are increasingly compounded by antibiotic resistant pathogens, underscoring the necessity for advancements in this field. Research to find novel products that can rapidly and effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and spores, ideally with residual, protective efficacy, is a high priority,” he concludes.

Primel’s technology is based on TridAnt®, a solution developed by strategic partner BioInteractions.

“Through over 30 years of work on developing solutions for BioInteractions, our team has created a coating that is able to kill pathogens including spores, such as C. diff, within 30 seconds, while remaining active on the skin,” says Dr Sajinder Luthra, Chief Operating Officer at Primel. “This is a global first—no other product has ever been able to offer this level of sustained microbial protection. This ultimately will contribute significantly to the issue of antibiotic resistance. We’ve shifted the rules of the game on fighting HAIs by creating an environment in which harmful pathogens can’t survive. C. diff is one the most difficult challenges we’ve faced so far, but we have created a unique solution which successfully tackles this pathogen,” she concludes.

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