Primel® brings TridAnt® power to patient care at IPS conference

Primel powered by TridAnt

Primel® aims to break the infection transmission cycle thanks to TridAnt®’s proven 48-hour hand protection.

The launch of Primel®, a company focused on providing antimicrobial solutions for the patient care sector, was announced today at the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) conference. Primel® works closely with its strategic partner BioInteractions, the research and development company specialising in biomaterial technologies for the worldwide medical device industry.

Building on the success of TridAnt®, Primel® was founded to advance antimicrobial protection in all patient care environments. TridAnt®, developed by BioInteractions, is a revolutionary coating technology for medical devices that incorporates active and passive components to create the first truly non-leaching, effective, safe and durable antimicrobial coating which lasts for up to 365 days, and helps to save lives and time needed for medical treatments. The intended end result is the improvement in well-being and reduction in risks to both patients and professionals.

Regular washing of hands reduces the concentration of microbes on the skin but does not eliminate all of them. Every time two surfaces come into contact an exchange of microbes takes place. Primel®, with the help of TridAnt®, can keep hands protected even after they stop sanitising as well as break that cycle in every instance they touch a surface. Through the use of Kill-On-Touch Technology, the user is able to disinfect the surface they touch rather than transmit germs to it. The continued research of the team behind TridAnt® has resulted in a skin-safe antimicrobial technology that stays on the skin for two days and ensures the user is consistently protected.

“The launch of Primel® represents a paradigm shift in the way we approach patient care,” says Arjun Luthra, Chairman and CEO of Primel. “TridAnt® Touch Clean Technology stays on the skin for 48 hours, allowing for the first time, all care personnel to spread protection with their touch. TridAnt® is the only infection prevention infrastructure which consistently protects both the individual and the surfaces they touch.”

Frequently touched devices and surfaces in and around patient sites in the critical care environment are more likely to be heavily contaminated with microbial soil. There also appears to be a quantitative association between the number of times a surface is handled and the amount of aerobic microbial soil retrieved from that surface.[1] During an average 12-hour shift nurses touch a variety of surfaces 821 times. The majority (58%) of these touchpoints are with or in close proximity of patients.[2] Treating hands with the TridAnt® coating, in addition to regular washing, cuts the risk of cross contamination.

TridAnt® has been tested according to European standards EN 13727 (Bactericidal), EN 13624 (Yeasticidal), EN14476 (Virucidal) as well as EN 1500 (medical hand sanitiser) and EN 12791 (surgical hand sanitiser).

Primel® is at IPS booth 46 whereby it will be showcasing the benefits of its TridAnt® Touch Clean Technology. To organise a briefing, contact Kredo on

[1] C.E. Adams et al. / Journal of Hospital Infection 95 (2017) 76e80 Hairmyres Hospital, NHS Lanarkshire.

[2] Huslage K, Rutala WA, Sickbert-Bennett E, Weber DJ, “A quantitative approach to defining high touch surfaces in hospitals”, Infect Cont and Hosp Epidemiol, 2010; 31 (8): 850-853.

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