World-First: Primel® Hand Protection Solution Demonstrates Long-Term Moisturising Effect and 23% Higher Disinfectant Efficacy Than Competitors

Primel® Hand Protection is found in a series of external evaluations to be more effective at protecting individuals from pathogens compared to regularly used generic competitors; alongside proof of skin hydration even for sensitive skin, combination provides a life-changing development for healthcare facilities’ professionals, patients and visitors.

Primel®, a leading provider of innovative infection prevention and utility solutions emerging from chronic, long-term medical devices, announces the results of two separate external laboratory evaluations of Primel® Hand Protection. The first evaluation, set in a real-world care home, revealed that the application of Primel® Hand Protection resulted in the recovery of 84% less viable microorganisms on the surfaces that the volunteers interacted with, compared to the established regularly used generic hand sanitiser. The second evaluation, performed by an accredited external laboratory, revealed that the solution has a long-lasting moisturising effect, even for sensitive skin types making it suitable to use for all individuals in healthcare facilities. These evaluations place Primel® Hand Protection as the world leader in pioneering infection prevention solutions.

The comprehensive evaluations conducted provide compelling evidence of the superior effectiveness of Primel® Hand Protection in comparison to the well-known, generic hand sanitisers currently in use. For example, Primel® Hand Protection was 75% effective, which is 23% more effective at disinfecting pathogens compared to the comparison generic hand sanitiser after immediate application. Furthermore, the evaluation confirmed that Primel® Hand Protection was 70% effective after one hour, which is 45% more effective than the comparison generic sanitiser, illustrating i its superiority over generic hand sanitisers as time progresses. Additionally, the inside of the study subjects’ gloves were tested after the one-hour timepoint, whereby the gloves of Primel® Hand Protection users were found to have 84% fewer pathogens. Overall Primel® Hand Protection on average had 50% greater reduction in microorganisms against the generic hand sanitiser across all time points. The results demonstrate that Primel® Hand Protection not only offers immediate protection but also maintains its efficacy over time, providing healthcare professionals with continued protection and reducing the risk towards themselves and their patients throughout and between their routine five moments of hand hygiene. Unlike existing hand sanitiser products, the evaluation conclusively demonstrates that Primel® Hand Protection offers unmatched protection and evolves routine hand hygiene practices to be more effective and efficient. This breakthrough in infection prevention technology sets a new standard in infection control and safety for healthcare services.

Additionally, Primel announced that it successfully carried out Hydration and Irritation Dermatological testing at an accredited external laboratory to test the moisturising effect and skin compatibility of Primel® Hand Protection over an extended period. Primel® Hand Protection exhibited remarkable hydrating capabilities, outperforming untreated skin when tested after a single application. Notably, the product demonstrated consistent skin hydration even after the initial application, affirming its lasting moisturisation effect. The Irritation Test results further validate the gentle and skin-compatible nature of Primel® Hand Protection. Dermatologically tested on all skin types, including sensitive skin, the product displayed no signs of irritation for an impressive 48-hour period. This achievement underscores Primel® Hand Protection’s commitment to delivering a complete state-of-the-art solution which uses materials that are highly effective at enhancing protection as well as safe enough to apply onto class 3 medical implants for an improved infection prevention infrastructure and ultimately an evolved healthcare service for everyone.

“Our real-world care home evaluation clearly establishes the superior efficacy of Primel® Hand Protection technology, especially when compared to the industry-leading sanitisers,” said Arjun Luthra, CEO at Primel. “However, we also wanted to demonstrate that our solution maintains its superiority when it comes to its skin safety and hydrating capabilities. This is why we’ve now conducted thorough dermatological testing and can confidently say that Primel® Hand Protection has a long-lasting hydrating effect and is safe to use even on sensitive skin. These findings reinforce our commitment to providing healthcare professionals with innovative solutions that offer enhanced protection, peace of mind and proves that Primel® Hand Protection truly is the product they will benefit from the most.

“The results of this evaluation are a testament to Primel®‘s dedication to delivering exceptional healthcare solutions using innovative technologies that have been proven within medical devices for over 30 years. By consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, Primel® continues to empower healthcare professionals with products that not only safeguard their well-being for a wide variety of skin types including sensitive skin, but also provides enhanced infection prevention standards which improves compliance and evolves global healthcare services,” concludes Luthra.

Overall, the tests completed have proven that Primel® Hand Protection can disinfect pathogens, including some of the most drug resistant microbes, in 15 seconds, significantly quicker than other regularly used products. The evidence created demonstrates a considerable increase in infection prevention measures thanks to the use of Primel® Hand Protection for extensive periods of time and provides a fast and long-lasting protection against pathogens. Primel® Hand Protection further evolves infection prevention infrastructure with “Kill-on-Touch” Technology and for the first time has enabled individuals to disinfect surfaces they touch and spread protection. The implementation of Primel®‘s technology provides a straightforward solution for improving the protection against pathogens quicker, longer and better than ever before whilst simultaneously reducing the requirements to maintain hygiene practices and the infection prevention infrastructure within healthcare facilities, therefore working to evolve global healthcare services long-term.

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